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NORDE® Technology

SDG has the exclusive rights for sales and marketing of all NORDE® products. NORDE® Technology is highly versatile chemistry for the modern age where demands and applications become tighter and tougher every year.

NORDE® Technology is focused into two vital, but different, functions and when combined will create more dramatic results.

Our NORDE® products provide immediate benefits from cleaner systems through the reduction of wear and contaminant materials . Simply put, we help your engines run like they should. This adds up to energy efficient savings and results-based ROI for your company.


Clean and reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency.

NORDE Go Stations

Make additional revenues from retail sales from this portable but stationary unit.


Reduce friction and increase lubricity of your oil.

NORDE Case Studies

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Norde FSR

NORDE FSR is an EPA Registered fuel treatment designed to improve fuel and engine efficiency, reduce emissions and extend performance between maintenance.

These results are achieved by NORDE FSR’s ability to simultaneously clean, lubricate and condition the fuel and fuel system. Once NORDE FSR begins to circulate through your fuel system the benefits can be observed.

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Norde LSM

NORDE LSM will extend your lubricants performance and clean operational components so that efficiencies are improved, and maintenance is simplified.

NORDE LSM has shown dramatic results in compressor, gear, hydraulic and crankcase applications where contacting, sliding, rotating surfaces are in motion. NORDE LSM’s unique Surface Modifier technology has shown significant benefits in a variety of applications.

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More on NORDE GO Products Premium & Select Lubricant Lines:


NORDE Select is a cost-effective Lubricant with the same high quality as NORDE Premium.

This product does not include our LSM additives as infused in the Premium Blend, our NORDE Select products will meet and exceed all OEM specifications and match with all current high-end lubricants for exceptional performance.

All products NORDE Select and Premium come in sizes of quart, gallon, 5-gallon pail, 330-gallon tote and bulk in rail or tanker trailers.


NORDE GO Premium Gear Oils perform like no other. As our case studies and research have shown, our lubricants modify the metallic surface of the teeth in transmissions and rear-ends to create a modified surface that lowers the coefficient of friction much more than competitive products.

By reducing the friction and increasing the lubricity of gear oils, you can reduce both energy consumption and wear damage with your gear reducers.

NORDE can be implemented in an array of diverse applications like: enclosed or open gear reducers; splash or circulating systems; spur, helical, bevel and worm gears, as well as roller and plain bearings. It’s a very versatile industrial oil.

Also, NORDE offers greater protection against rust, corrosion and high shock loading applications.

Norde lubricants available on amazon:

NORDE GO Stations

Make additional revenues from retail sales from this portable but stationary unit

NORDE® GO Stations is the industries revolutionary item to help not only support and manage your diesel and gasoline fuel requirement but also make additional revenues based on retail sales from the portable but stationary unit.

As a NORDE® GO Station partner, SDG will install either the entire system which includes the pump, fuel management monitoring reporting system and tank in sizes of 1200 Gallons up to 15,000 Gallons or we can install the pump and POS system with full monitoring and reporting to your existing tanks.

With our unique process of fuel monitoring and supply, your facility will never be short on supply of fuel and you will keep track of your spending by detailed reporting with a Key FOB or Fleet Card system attached to every unit.

SDG will install this unit or units at your facility by leasing a small location out-lot. SDG will carry all required insurances and maintain all service needed on the NORDE® GO Station.

As a NORDE® GO Station partner, you will benefit from a retail program allowing other fleet or vehicles to fill from this system. Every gallon sold retail will generate a profit share for your company. SDG will advertise through our national network and apps like Gas Buddy, Fuel Finder and many more.

The cost? How about Free? Yes, we will install the unit for free and allow your company to have the benefits of using the system, POS and monitoring/management for free. So yes to answer your questions you are asking yourself, you get management, unlimited fuel availability and make profit from it all at no cost ? The answer is YES.

Each Fuel station will be branded with the NORDE® FSR infused product, this will allow you to separate yourself from competitors by offering this revolutionary product exclusively through our station. This is the separator you needed to drive traffic to your facility.

NORDE® GO Incentives as an Incentive Client with SDG, proceeds from the profit share will be distributed monthly to an incentive issued Visa card or direct bank deposit to your fuel station, service center, rest stop and so much more.

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