Global trading in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous materials

Trading in metals and minerals

Mining Compliance & Vertical Integration

All of our mining operations are in full compliance with local laws and environmental requirements for export to North America and Asia. SDG is vertically integrated in its mining operations from mining, refining, as well as all aspects of logistics to its final delivery to customers in Asia and North America.


SDG produces and sources Aluminium Busheling (ISRI Code 207), Aluminium Shavings, and Aluminium Scrap (ISRI Codes TUTU and TALK) from Central America and the Middle East for export to Asia.


SDG produces and sources Copper, Lead, and Zinc concentrate from Central America for export to Asia.


SDG sources both natural and synthetic graphite directly from China for export to North America and Mexico.


SDG produces and sources Iron Ore and Manganese Ore from Central America, South America, and Africa for export to Asia.


SDG sources low grade and high grade Iron Oxides from Central America and India for export to Asia.


SDG produces and sources Copper and Aluminium Ingots from Central America for export to Asia. Site Development Group also trades Copper Cathode, Wire and Rods from Asia for export to Europe.


SDG Supplies urea for Diesel Exhaust Fluid in North and Central America as well as agriculture grade Urea from Eastern Europe to Africa.


SDG sources Heavy Melting Steel 1 and 2 (HMS 1 and HMS 2) from Central America for export to Asia. SDG is also active in assisting and brokering all aspects of ship breaking for vessels worldwide.


SDG supplies tires for various major mining companies located in Central America.

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