Global import and export of Energy products

Trading in energy


SDG supplies ULSD, No1, No2, Fuel Oil 1%, 3,5%, Bio-Diesels. We supply from various North American refineries for domestic use as well as export to Central America.

Petroleum By-Products

SDG supplies a variety of by products such as Transmix, Sludge, and Bitumen from North American and Middle East refineries for export to Central American and Asia.

Racing Fuel

SDG supplies High Octane Blended Gasoline also known as Racing Fuel. We supply from one of the largest fuel suppliers in North America to well known race performance groups.


SDG supplies Kerosene for Central American utility companies as well as Aviation Grade Kerosene for North America private charter partners.

Base Oils

SDG supplies base oils from North American refineries to clients in Central America for a variety of applications ranging from motor oil production to metal processing.


SDG has established relationships with strong suppliers of Steam Coal, Coking Coal, and Metallurgical Coal from China and Indonesia for export to Asia.

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